Daily Grind and Girls Scout Cookies

It’s always good to do a life in review every once in a while.  You’ve heard people say “My life has come to this.”  It’s usually based in the now.   Today is one of those days for me.   As I look at my schedule…it’s full.   As I walked into the office today…the problems and complaints began.   My life has come to this.   As I looked at the wall of Girl Scout Cookies, a smile came to me.   The image of my cute little daughter with her Girl Scout sash comes to mind and picking her up from Gymnastics on Wednesday as she told me all about the struggles of Hand Stand Class.  My son rushing from Soccer to the Boy Scouts Blue & Gold banquet. (This will be the only time Blue and Gold will be allowed on my site.  Gold is too close to Maize for my comfort…I will lend a hearty “GO BUCKS” to offset this mention!)  The play tryouts that are coming up this weekend, the music lessons, school and it goes on and on.    I know we all get bogged down from time to time with all the little nit picky things that we think are our job and livelihoods, but in perspective, they are the things that hold us back.   We need to think big picture.  We need to stop and take time to reflect.  We need to slow the pace to make better decisions that lead to long-term successes.   I’ve spent way too much time looking at the trees and dealing with the loss of branches rather than looking at the forest and solving the real problems of why the branches have fallen off.   I also can see what is important and learned to ask the question, “Will this problem really matter in a week”.   If the answer is no, then it’s just a broken branch…and I can’t see it.  Why?  Cause I’m too busy mapping the forest!   Life is crazy.  Problems continue.  Beyond that, happiness, simple pleasures and big picture items are back where they should be…ruling my world!  Yep, this is what my life has come too and I wouldn’t change a thing.


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