I’m officially becoming an Olympic Athlete!

True Olympic Athlete

I am so sad the Winter Olympics are over.  This really was an olympics for the people.  It was inspiring with the Canadian figure skater who won a medal days after losing her mother.   Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn winning Gold.  Shaun White dominating the half pipe and Apollo Ohno with a record haul.   I’m not even pissed about team Canada winning the gold medal in Hockey.  What a great, exciting game and what made it better was Robbie and I sat on the couch and watched it together.   However the biggest story for me was the Night Train!  Steve Holcomb and the American team won a gold medal in Bobsledding for the first time in 62 years!  What makes this really cool isn’t that it took that long.  What impresses me is that Steve looks like a beer drinking, fun lovin’, good  ol’ boy!    Really as I looked at him, I saw a guy that would more likely be drinking beers with me after a softball game at BW3’s rather than a elite gold medal athlete.  I’m thinking that once they hung that medal around Steve’s neck, he was off for several pints, some wings and potato wedges with cheese and bacon on them.  Inspired by a beer bellied Olympic athlete, I got up off the couch this morning and went into training.   I started by playing raquetball.  Then I did some lifting, primarily the legs.  I need to beef up the sticks if I want to push the Night Train down the hill!  Then I did some stretching to work out my Holcomb like physique.  I finished it off with fish for dinner.   Ok…it was Long John Silver…but it still counts as fish in my book.  All I can tell you is when you see a beer bellied, dark haired man walking past you at the Red Rock Buffet wearing a Team USA tight body shirt, don’t judge.  Just nod your head and look past the plate full of french fries and chocolate cake…you may well be in the midst of an Olympic athlete in training for Sochi in 2014!


One thought on “I’m officially becoming an Olympic Athlete!

  1. When you got former NASCAR champ Bobby Allison designing your sled you need someone that looks like they watch NASCAR to drive the thing. Now you need to get a bobsled track built up on Mt Charleston and yourself a sled.

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