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Bald is beautiful…except when it’s my fat head.  With that being said, I’m gonna shave my nugget again!   You see it’s all for one purpose, to raise money to help kids with cancer.   There are over 26 different types of Cancer and Leukemia. Thousands of children’s lives are lost each year.   Personally, I’ve been in a constant battle against this disease all my life.   I lost my mother to it when I was 4.   My sister is currently terminal.   As I spoke to her on Sunday, she had a pump strapped to her side that gives her half a drop every hour of an experimental form of Chemotherapy.  I had a Grandma who had colon cancer.  We have had a close friend whose son died at 2 years of age from it.  I am currently on the national bone marrow donor list because of Brandon, a 10 year old boy who lost his battle with cancer on Christmas of 2008, just over a year ago.  Brandon spent time with the Morning Zoo at KLUC in the studio, at our events and in our hearts.  His hero was Chuck Norris.   One of the coolest things I ever saw is when Chet, Lauren & Spence presented Brandon with an autograph from Chuck during the fall of 2008.  Just a couple of month before he passed.   To see how excited he was and what that autograph meant to him was amazing.   We’ve all heard the jokes about how tough is Chuck Norris.   Google Chuck Norris and hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.  It will put a smile on your face.   What I learned that day is Chuck Norris is a stand up guy who cares about his fans and no one was tougher than Brandon!  With all that being said, on March 6th, I will be shaving my head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to find a cure for children’s cancer.  All I want is $5 from everyone I know.  It’s simple…skip lunch tomorrow…I want the $5.   If you and I ran into each other at Buffalo Wild Wings, would you buy me a beer?  If so…keep the beer, I want the $5 and the beer isn’t tax-deductible!    

You can click this link: and give me FIVE!   Simple!  I will work to make it worth your while!  For every $5 dollars donated you will get an entry into a drawing for a TWO NIGHT STAY at the Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino on the strip!  So I want a beer…but I’ll take the $5 for a great cause!  Cool part…I’ll post the time of my shave and the link for the live webcam on March 6th.   Thanks again!   


Me before I shaved my head!
Me before I shaved my headMe after I shaved my head!Me after I shaved my head!

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