St. Baldrick’s is this Saturday!

Jackson & Aimee

I wanted to share with you a story about our friend Jackson. About 8 months into Amberly’s pregnancy with Robbie, we went back to Ohio for a baby shower with two of Amberly’s best friends. I still have an amazing picture of three women, Amberly, Monica & Aimee all standing there with their bellies sticking out. All ready to bring a new life into the world within the next 60 days. All looking forward to being mothers. First came Shannon. Next was our Robbie and a little over a month later Aimee had Jackson. At first all three were happy and healthy but within a short period of time, Jackson was diagnosed with cancer.  He fought hard and brave for two years but his little body finally gave way to this vicious killer just after his second birthday.  Being a father, I couldn’t even fathom the pain that Aimee and Kevin endured. As I look at a healthy and happy Robbie & Jillian, I know that shaving off my hair is such a minor sacrifice to help raise money and awareness for such an amazing cause.  My hair will grow back, Jackson and millions of other children, will never have that opportunity.  So if you are a father, mother, uncle, aunt or have a special child in your life, I ask you to donate $1, $2, $5 or whatever.   It’s a small price to pay to help these kids fight and conquer cancer.   This money goes directly to research and to make sure that no child will go with out the necessary treatment that can mean the difference between life and death.  Whatever you give, I’ll take it happily! Just click here:  

Thanks for stopping by and reading Jackson’s story has he lives on through the efforts of amazing people and organizations like St. Baldrick’s Foundation!  This Saturday, March 6th at 6:15pm PST, former American Idol, Blake Lewis will be stopping by McMullan’s to shave my head!  You can log on at to see it live!  We will also be auctioning off an autographed Justin Bieber guitar and an autographed Beyonce concert program among other things!    In case you need a little comedy now…here is the link to Bow Wow shaving my nugget last year!


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