Orange is the New Blonde for Dark Haired People!

Things that I learned today.   One, my hair is too dark to try and make blond.  Even after 3 applications of L’oreal it still comes out some weird color…why…it’s Blonde…ish.   Two, Friggin OUCH.  That  stuff burns.  It burns the first time, more the second and unbelievably the third time.   My scalp feels like the surface of Mercury and I’m betting if they shaved me right now it would resemble the surface of Mars.  You can call me crimson dome.   Three…WTF are you women thinking.  After I put it on, I looked at the direction to see how long to keep it on.  (Ok..character flaw, I should have read them first but I’m a man and we don’t believe in directions) Really….45 minutes.  45 friggin’ minutes.   No wonder when you ladies go to “Do your hair”, we don’t see you for days.  The only time this is really, really convenient is during football season.   Ok, I can tell you that beauty is pain…yep.   Although in my case…beauty is a term used loosely.   So enjoy the video and don’t forget if I can go through this to get your attention, you can at least give me a couple bucks for St. Baldrick’s Foundation for Childrens Cancer…just click the link below and THANKS!


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