Hollywood High Sheiks? Really?

So I’m in LA for the Katy Perry CD listening party.  Kinda cool.  They put us up at the old Hollywood Roosevelt.  Really Cool.   They told us the Pool is closed this evening for the A Team Premiere Party.  Really Friggin’ cool.   As I look across the street, we are right by Hollywood High School.   Then I noticed that their mascot is a Sheik.  Really?  That is far from cool.   Must have been Rudolf Valentino that they named it after back in the day.  That would be the only acceptable explanation.   If not, then all I can say is they must get their ass kicked in most major sports! Check out the video…


4 thoughts on “Hollywood High Sheiks? Really?

  1. The mascot is named after Rudolph Valentino’s character the Sheik. The event on the field is a movie premiere and the concert facilities are for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show which is taped on Hollywood Boulevard. And yes, the school gets beat in sports, but not in performing arts.

    Go to http://www.HollywoodHighSheiks.com for more information about the school and its history.

  2. 😦 What’s so bad about sheiks?
    I mean, it’s not a great mascot, but it’s very hollywood-y
    And sports have been good this year.
    Undeafted Volleyball Team and Football team so far 🙂

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