13 Things Your Arborist Won’t Tell You

So I was reading Readers Digest in the same place I and 90% of subscribers usually read Readers Digest, and an article caught my eye…” 13 Things Your Arborist Won’t Tell You”…hmmm.   I thought about that. If it were me, the last thing I would tell anybody is that I’m AN ARBORIST!    Really, in today’s economy, who is going to admit that?  I’m sure it’s a great profession and there is some Arborist somewhere who is going to take great offense to this blog…but really…who needs an Arborist?  I’m sure they can justify their positions and maybe rightfully so.  However, with companies laying off more employees than they really should or need to (but that’s another subject), I’m not sure I’d want to be the Arborist on staff.   I can see that management meeting now.   “We have to cut 3 jobs to hit budget.   Let’s see, there’s the Information Services team member…well he has all my passwords…probably not a good idea to piss him off.   Then there are the sales people who work on commission so we only pay them if they make us money.  Let’s keep them.   Oh yes…there is the warehouse worker who actually does all the crap that no one else wants to do.  Ahhh….the Arborist.  Well really how will we ever do without the person who lets us know that the Texas Ash tree has wood bores?”    I’m thinking that this isn’t a high security position unless you work for the national park services, which if we were discussing not paying military a few months ago, I imagine the Arborist’s job is a bit in jeopardy.  Or maybe a lumber company but wouldn’t that be a bit like a vegetarian working as a butcher at a livestock company?   Overall all I will never really know the 13 Things That My Arborist Won’t Tell Me.   One, because I don’t have an Arborist.  Two, because “Humor in Uniform” is a much better read on the can!



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