The Stuff That Matters

For some reason, every once in a while, I become profound.   It mostly happens by accident.  Take yesterday.   I’m at one of the bazillion events that happen weekly here in Las Vegas chatting with my buddy Bouch.   There is a massive crowd.  He is in the music industry and has Michelle Branch performing.  People are running around like crazy.  If you have ever worked an event, it NEVER…and I mean NEVER goes off without a few problems.  Someone isn’t happy with a booth.  An artist didn’t get picked up on time.   People in the audience are passing out from heat exhaustion.   These are the small issues.  People are yelling cause some set up isn’t right.   So as Bouch is commenting on how crazy it is and what the audience must be thinking.   Being a person who speaks his mind, I blurt out…”Dude, the stuff that matters to us, the audience out there doesn’t really care about.”   He looks at me and says…”I’ve never heard anyone say that.  That’s a great quote.  I’m gonna text that to myself.”   Of course I had to stop and think about it for a second.  The odds of me being profound are small.   As a rule, if you need a Beer Pong or Cornhole partner…I’m your guy.   However, If you are looking for deep, meaningful information outside of Ohio State football…not so much.   So I got to thinking about what I had said.  “The Stuff that matters to us, the audience out there doesn’t really care about.”    How often in our daily lives have we worried needlessly about something just to come to find out, no one really cares?   The audience doesn’t care that the van driver had a flat tire.  Or the night guy was having a beer with some hot listener so the midday guy had to introduce the band.  They don’t even care that there were too many people in VIP, that the Donut guys is mad because he can’t sell coffee or that the sales manager is having a cow because the event is down 6% in revenue.  All they know is that the bands were awesome, their favorite DJ’s rocked the mic, the beer was cold, there were a ton of hot girls and guys and the day rocked!   What we fail to do in our world is stop for second and look at everything from the only perspective that matters…theirs…our audience.   Because no matter what we do, there will always be a few hiccups in any operation.  The key is to realize the one simple truth, it’ the audience’s opinion that matters most.  If you find out what really matters and make that connection with them, you will be successful!  We all get caught up in the little things that seem to really matter…but quite often don’t.   If you take a second to think about it you will realize that for the most part “The stuff that matters to us, the audience out there doesn’t really care about!”


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