Man Style

Yes…I had my toes painted.  This is the peril of having a girl.  I have also had my hair did and had been a dummy for an aspiring make-up artist.  This is the job of being a full on Dad.  Every time I have had this come up in conversation, inevitably, I have a male counter-part who goes all macho on me and states “I’d never let my daughter or any kid to that to me.”   Or “I’m a man…no one is going to paint my toe nails pink.”  To which I say…you’re just a big girl!  If you are a guy and really think that bonding with your daughter by letting her paint your toes nails is gonna make you less of a man, I have to say…you already are!  The scary part is I’ve gone through this dozens of time.  In a true testament to my procrastination, I’ve even been too lazy to take it off for a week or two.   To be honest with you, I rarely expose my toes outside of showering or sleeping and with my bit of a beer gut, I don’t always see them.  At my heaviest, my toes were pretty much a rumor!   It was bound to happen, procrastination met forgetfulness one day.  I decided to head to Lifetime Fitness to get in a work out and steam.  As I finished up my work out, I pushed my shoes off with my feet and used my big toes to pry free the sock from each foot.  Not really paying attention, I wrapped my towel around my waist and proudly strutted across the locker room over to the steam room.  Sure that the hard core upper body, work out allowed my muscles to protrude through the protective layer of fat, I walked, chest out, like a big man.  I noticed a couple of odd looks but really thought nothing of it.  It’s the usual snickers that fat guys get at the gym from the younger buff dudes.  Poor bastards don’t realize in 20 years, my son will be the one snickering at them.  Such is the circle of life.  So as I spent a good 20 minutes in the stream room, I strutted back across the locker room feeling like a champ, I ran into my buddy Mike who says nothing but “nice look.”   So I asked, “What are you talking about.”  He said…”Toes”.   As I looked down, with a bit of horror, I realized that my toes were still a bright pink!  I laughed it off and told him that I was Jillie’s victim.   Then I thought about it for a minute.  What real man with a daughter hasn’t had pink toe nails at one point or another?  As my daughter gets older, there are less and fewer opportunities to get pink toes, rosy cheeks and first class hair do’s from my little girl.  So I will tell you guys, always fear a man with pink toe nail polish, because odds are he’s proud to be the kind of Dad that his daughter will always remember with fondness, a smile and joy in her heart because her Daddy always put his time, sharing her interests ahead of any so-called “Manly act”…which when you think about it, makes getting your toes painted pink by your little girl truly “Man Style!”


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