What Would You Do To Save A Child?

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That is a very serious question, huh? It’s one I ask myself right about this time every year. You see, many people think of me as this gruff, crusty guy who is all business unless there is an Ohio State game on or my kids are participating in some activity or sport.  In many ways they would be right.  This journey I go on every January through the first weekend in March is one that started when Amberly and two of her best friends in Ohio were all having babies within a two month period.  We had a baby shower for all three together.  Monica had Shannon first.   We had our healthy little boy Robbie next.  Then a few weeks later, our little buddy Jackson came along.  (You can see Aimee kissing Jackson above.)  Within the first couple months of life, Jackson was diagnosed with cancer.  For two years the doctors tried everything to save him.  Even when he was going through terrible treatments, obviously not knowing what was happening to him, he still was able to give that amazing smile.  This is why, I shave my head every year.  If in my lifetime, we can find a way for wonderful young kids like Jackson to live cancer free, a little hair is not much of a sacrifice.  I cannot tell you how thankful Amberly & I are to have two wonderful, healthy kids.  This year we spent a weekend with Mark, Monica, Selena and Shannon going to the OSU-Illinois football game.  Kind of a family outing as Shannon and Robbie who were born a month apart consider themselves cousins.  When I think of how easily it could be one of them who had passed due to cancer, It becomes obvious that we must do everything we can so that the future Robbie, Shannon and Jackson’s get to all go to games and grow up together.

The Kids
Jillian, Robbie, Selena, Shannon

As I pass milestones with Robbie, I always think about how sad it is that Jackson is not doing the same thing right now.  Soccer games, homecoming dances, first girlfriends, varsity letters, driving and now getting ready to graduate High School and start College in the fall!  I hurt just thinking about not being able to do those things with my kids, I cannot imaging how it must feel to lose a child.   Saturday, March 3rd at McMullan’s Irish Pub will shave head and bring hope to many families!  Between now and then, I’m going to try and do something I’ve never done.  Raise $20,000 dollars for such an amazing charity.  So please share this post with friends, family or whoever!  I do want you to consider something…try to find another national charity where only 4% goes to administrative.  You can’t!  The fact is St. Baldrick’s has the highest return to the cause than any other cancer charity I’ve found.  The reality is if we cure cancer in children, then adults also become cancer free. So bottom line.  People like me who shave are really not that important.  People like you who donate and share are truly the heroes that will help us find a cure.  SO PLEASE feel free to click the link and make a donation!  I’ll take a big check or change in your drawer…the amount is not the important thing.  The fact that you did something is.  Click here to donate to Cat’s chrome dome!

Thank you and hopefully you will enjoy seeing me go from this…

Me before I shaved my head!
Me before I shaved my head

Joey Shaves Cat 4


To this….

Cat Bald first pix



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