How Would You Tell A Parent That Their Child Has Cancer?

It’s Cat!  If I can ask a personal favor, I just need 90 seconds of your time to read this.  As I grow older, I find it more and more important to use my powers to do good in the world. Not that I really have any powers, but I do feel compelled to leave this world better for our kids.

For the last 8 years, I have shaved my head on the first Saturday in March to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  Here is a quick story on how it all started for me.  Amberly and her friends Monica & Aimee were all pregnant at the same time.  Our Robbie, Monica’s daughter Shannon and Aimee’s son, Jackson, were all born within 2 months of each other.  Robbie and Shannon came out healthy and are happy and remain that way to this day.

Look at the pictures below.  On the left is Jackson and Aimee.  Look at the love between a mother and her child.  Look at the priceless joy on Jackson’s face.   On the right is my wife Amberly and our son Robbie.  Look at the love between a mother and her child.  Look at the contentment of them knowing they are safe and the comfort of their embrace.   How can you tell one mother that her baby has cancer and won’t survive?   That is why I am raising money for Childhood Cancer Research.


st-baldricks  a-momma-robbie-napping

This year Robbie turned 16.  He got his driver’s license.  He got a job in film editing.  He has a girlfriend.  He went to Homecoming.  He went to Life Is Beautiful.  His High School Soccer team was Regional Champs and made it to the Final Four at state.  He is looking forward to college.  All these are things that Jackson should be doing this year.   Because of cancer, he only made it to his second birthday.

We have family vacations each year because our kids have become “Cousins” even though states seperate them.  16 Years ago when they were all born, we would have imagined Aimee, Kevin and Jackson being a part of this picture.


So I’m going to hit you up.  Not for me but for the Parents who have had to hear the words “Your child has cancer.”    I don’t want a ton of money.  I just want whatever you can spare.  Maybe its only a dollar.  I’ll take it.   Here is the link to click and make a donation:  CLICK HERE TO DONATE!



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