Heroes Choose Their Paths

Before I tell the story, here is the important link!  Click to be a Hero!

I am a self proclaimed geek.  My family likes to watch shows like the Flash, Agents Of Shield, Star Trek…you get the idea.  Maybe we just like heroes.  It is something that we do as a family.  Amberly, Robbie, Jillian and I are all Marvel aficionados.  It is funny the things that we share and help mold in our kids lives. One weekend as I tried to archive the 18,000+ pictures that we have taken in the last 17 years, I was impressed with the records we’ve kept of all the great things we have done together.  My family is also filled with my best friends.  So it is about this time every year that is very tough for me.  I work to help raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.  I do really enjoy the satisfaction I get for helping parents and kids alike by raising money for treatment and research.   However each year I’m reminded again of the awful battles that are fought.  For example, a few years ago a little girl who went to the same elementary school that my kids had attended suddenly fell to the ground without explanation.  Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Emily Bracelet
Remembering Emily

Emily was a sweet little girl. She was kind, had a smile that would fill a room, was smart, had great parents and had a great future ahead of her.  Within a year of being diagnosed, she succumbed to this disease.  There it is…another wonderful family was forced to be strong in the face of an unimaginable tragedy.  As a parent, your child being diagnosed with cancer is your worst nightmare.  I can only look at my kids and give thanks for the opportunity to have those 18,000+ pictures and all that they represent. So as I prepare to shave my head this March 4th, I remember how cancer has touched my life and the lives of many family and friends.  Once again, I’m hoping for the day that I won’t be asking for donations to shave my head.  That will truly be a cause for celebration. So if you are so inclined to help me on this journey, please click the link to donate.  CLICK HERE TO FIGHT CANCER  You can do it in honor of someone who is close to your heart.  You can do it for the tax deduction.  You can do it just to be a hero.  As you see, heroes are not the ones who shave their heads, heroes are the ones who give the money to help find a cure!  If St. Baldrick’s isn’t your charity, that is ok.  As long as you are giving to help make the world a better place because you were here, that defines a hero.  Because heroes are not made, Heroes choose their paths!



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