This is a hashtag that has garnered a lot of use and rightfully so.   I really haven’t found anyone who hasn’t been touched by this disease.  I personally hate cancer.  It took my mother when I was 4.  My sister a few years ago.  Friends, children of friends, Moms and Dads of friends and the list goes on and on.   I wanted to take a look to see the depth and range of #cancersucks so I searched on twitter.  This is what I found: #cancersucks  Pretty damn heartbreaking.  Look at the number of people with stories like yours and mine.  It’s not about our circle, its about the entire circle.   You see cancer doesn’t care about your race, your financial status, if you dropped out of High School or if you have a Phd.  It just ravishes people lives and that of their families.  Do you know where you stop cancer?  You stop it in our young people.  Think about this.  If you can stop cancer in the young, you can keep it from growing up.  Treatments that work on kids, will work on adults.  That is why I’m shaving my head to raise money for treatment and research for St. Baldrick’s Foundation.   Me shaving my head is NOT the important thing.  You donating money is!   Please if you have a chance, click the link DONATE HERE! and make a donation.   Small, medium or large doesn’t matter.  What matters is you help us stop hashtags like #cancersucks and replace it with hashtags like #NoMoreCancer or #GreatDayWithMyKid!   What I don’t want to see anymore are pictures like these:

Emily Bracelet
Remembering Emily


SIN Vinny The SIN
My Man…Vince!

So help me, help those who need our help!   Please give to research a cure for childhood cancer!  Because we all know that #cancersucks!  Click here to help me fight cancer!



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