It All Comes Full Circle!


Tonight, my nine year St. Baldrick’s journey just made it full circle.  I started this to honor the memory of Jackson Reeves.  He was the son of our friends Aimee & Kevin Reeves who would be the same age as our Robbie.  Aimee and Amberly were pregnant at the same time.  Many times over the years, we have had a bit of survivor’s guilt.   How did we get so lucky that our son, Robbie has had such a wonderful life, while Jackson only lived to be 2 years old.  Every parent’s nightmare.  Robbie has experienced trips to Disneyworld, Swimming with Mantees, Soccer games, National Honor Society, Homecomings, getting his drivers license and on and on.   Recently Robbie got a job at age 16 doing video editing for Memory Lane Video here in Vegas.  This is what he is studying in school and something that he is very passionate about.  He has taken pride in getting a paycheck and having his own money.   What was extraordinary was tonight as I was checking to see who had donated to my St. Baldrick’s account, right there on the top of the list was Robbie Quaintance, $20 Dollars.   Robbie took his own money and donated in honor of Jackson. No prompting, unbeknownst to us, he just made the donation because he wanted to help.  I stated this because I was thankful for a healthy son and today, my son donated to help fight cancer.  I saw Amberly sobbing and hugging Robbie, telling him how proud of him she was.  Needless to say we are all beaming with pride.  So I guess the point is if a 16 year old kid with a part time job and a big heart can come up with $20 for childhood cancer research, can you?   Just click the link!  Click Here To Donate!


There is just SIX days left and I’m working to hit my goal.  Please feel free to share the story and link!  Thank you and thank you Robbie, you have made me a very proud Dad and brought this full circle!

This is why we do this!



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