Life Lessons

As we wind down to the shave on Saturday, I am really humbled by all the support I have received from all those who gave to Childhood Cancer Research and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  This cause has been a part of our lives and has given our entire family many life lessons.   I remember when we had an AM radio station called KYDZ Radio (KIDS RADIO).  I used Robbie and Jillie to do interviews, DJ and voice work.  So on St. Baldrick’s Saturday 7 years ago, Jillie went with me to McMullan’s around Noon to do some live remote breaks for the event.   As we walked in, Jillie saw a friend of hers from Goolsby Elementary.  So she grabbed the mic and was going to ask her friend a few questions about why she was there to help raise money for the day.   Jillie asked the first question, “What brings you to help support St. Baldrick’s today”.  Her friend looked at her and calmly said, “I’m here with my Dad who is shaving his head.”  Jillie in her naïve child voice asked, “What made your dad decide to shave his head?”  Her friend started tearing up and said “My brother has cancer.”  I saw the look on Jillie’s face has this disease became very real.  She set down the mic and wrapped her arms around her friend with a huge hug as they both began to cry.  That day, she understood what this disease does to families and how close it really is to our own doorstep.  She has always gone to St. Baldrick’s with us every year wanting to help.  Donate to St. Baldrick’s by clicking here!  Two years ago during her cheer season, one of the boys on her High School team was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Immediately he was admitted to the hospital to begin treatment.  Jillie and many of her teammates would stay up nights, texting and communicating via social media with him.  They kept him company and just offered support.  Can you imagine being in High School one day and the next being in a hospital with leukemia?  How scary it must be to have your whole life in front of you, then learn that you might be in a battle for your life.  She would share with me how he was feeling alone in his hospital room and how worried she was that he was feeling so scared.  I spent several nights driving Jillie and members of her cheer team across town to the hospital just to hang out with him for a couple hours.  I was happy to do it and was so impressed by these kids level of compassion and love.  They went to cheer him up, show him that he had friends that loved him and the most important thing, just to be there so he didn’t feel alone.   You hear about teenagers and all the negative stuff, but rarely do you see how loving and giving most of these kids are.  What we don’t see is the life lessons that they learn and teach each other.  UPDATE: Their teammate went into remission and is living a normal life at high school.  How the entire school represented him and his fight at his first game back on the sidelines.   I like to think that by allowing our kids to face the challenges that life throws at them, we allow them to find their way.  We all have to teach our kids the value of knowledge, we teach them right and wrong but the most valuable lessons are ones that we can never teach.  Sometimes the best lessons to help shape them into wonderful people are the life lessons they learn along the way.  Please help all of us wipe out childhood cancer by donating here!   CLICK HERE TO HELP FIGHT CHILDHOOD CANCER!

I am closing in on my goal and am in the final push until my shave this Saturday night at McMullan’s.  Our BALD MAFIA team will be shaving after 6pm, so come join us for this amazing event!  Remember, it isn’t those of us that shave that are important…it’s all of you with the hair and the money to donate that will make the difference in these kid’s lives!   With the help of St. Baldrick’s, kids get treatment regardless of their ability to pay!  So you can be assured that your donation is making a difference!



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