Winning At Life

Isn’t this everyone’s goal?  What really is unique is finding out different people’s definition of winning.  Many consider it financial.  I know when I was younger that played into my definition.  When you start your own family, those definitions change.  Studies show that Health and Happiness are not just a cliche but become more important as life goes on.   Many parents and kids are faced with that reality all too often and Health is everything.   It happened to my niece.  She is my niece by marriage but we have been family since the early teenage years and we are just 1 year apart in age.   This week we heard some terrible news.  Her son had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.   F*** CANCER! Click Here To Donate To Help Me Fight Cancer   There was a kid I went to High School with that several years after we graduated he was diagnosed with the same thing.  In the 1980’s that was a death sentence.  He didn’t make it.   In those 25+ years, much research has been done and the mortality rate has significantly dropped.  To the point that my nephew (niece’s son) has a 90%+ chance of recovery.   This is why every year I ask you to help me fight cancer.  Each year we make a difference!  I have a list of people that I have lost to this disease.  Our friend Jackson at age 2, my mother when I was 4, my sister in 2011, my very good friend Vince Pellegrino, my Uncle Chuck, several other friends and neighbors as well as those who are still fighting or who are in remission.  It is for them, that I will do something as simple as getting donations to Shave My Head every year until we beat this disease.   I will even go one better.  If I get over the $20,000 mark, I will shave my eyebrows and post it on social media!  I have never done this before but I need to hit the goal with one day left!   Who wants to get me there?    Thanks for reading this blog and being a part of ending cancer in my kids lifetime!   It is too important not to be a part of it!   If you wish to join us at McMullan’s Irish Pub tomorrow (Saturday, March 3rd), we will be shaving around 6pm and tossing back pints the rest of the night!  Click Here If You Want To See My Eyebrows Go Away!Click Here If You Want To See My Eyebrows Go Away!



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